Concept Development



Above is gif the was created using Photoshop. The modular design is visual in the above gif as the seating areas are adjustable to fit the users requirements at the times the furniture piece will be used.

EXPLODEAbove is an exploded version of the furniture piece showing the storage stands and the the seating units. Both are made out of oak wood. This makes the design hardwearing as well as adjustable to fit within any space with any colour. Furthermore the seating cushions are made out of white leather. I chose the colour white to brighten up the furniture piece and I chose leather as it is a hardwearing material and cannot be stained.  The storage boxes are made our of plastic and the colours I chose are grey, white and yellow-lime. This was a way to introduce a bit of colour to the design. Finally I added four lights; one on each corner of the unit.


Below are visuals from different views of the design:





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